SimilarTech presents Rising Stars 2017-2018: 6 companies which achieved outstanding user growth
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SimilarTech Presents: Rising Tech Stars

The world of technology has its share of comets, supernovas and meteors, but the eye of the public is still mostly drawn to the rising stars in increasingly crowded skies. One should definitely keep a watchful eye on them, as these companies and products serve as trailblazers that break new technological grounds and win over new users in the process. SimilarTech is a web-based sales insights platform that tracks what these companies do, knowing that their success should not be left unmarked. To this end, its agile crawlers reach and index 99.99% of active websites and feed the data into SimilarTech’s database. It is with great pleasure that SimilarTech presents its list of rising stars across six tech categories, recruited among the companies which achieved outstanding growth in users from 2017- 2018.

About the methodology

First, a word on the methodology and technology we employed in preparing this data. Thanks to our Sales Insights Platform , we can determine the exact number of pages where a particular technology is being utilized. Our SIP was used as the main tool for collecting raw data from 2017-2018 and identifying key parameters which show how the companies in question managed to achieve outstanding results across six technological categories. These categories are live chat, marketing, audio-video media, ecommerce, security and content management system. Bear in mind that the winners in these categories are not called “rising stars” just on a whim, as their success is measured and certified on the basis of the rise in the number of users of their products and, as you will see, for some of them this rise is more “meteoric” in its nature rather than star-like!

Live chat winner: Drift


Starting with the live chat category, in which Drift is the unchallenged leader with an incredible 474.89% increase in the number of its users between 2017 and 2018 (from 1,414 in 2017 to 8,129 a year later). Drift prides itself on being the first conversational marketing platform whose advanced live chat features are used to drive conversions from any conversation it is used for. Its trump cards are its integration capabilities which include email (Gmail) and other platforms such as Salesforce, Hubspot and others. In addition to this, Drift users want to see the end of old-fashioned marketing practices such as cold calls and constant emailing and establish genuine real-time relationships with their customers by means of bots and AI which Drift also supports.

Company: Drift
Founded: 2014
HQ: Boston, MA
Number of Employees: 51-100

“Conversations are eating the world. In the last 5 years, billions of people have moved their primary way of communicating to messaging. Drift is leading the shift to Conversational Marketing, the new way businesses buy from businesses.”
David Cancel, Drift CEO
David Cancel, Drift CEO 

Marketing winner: Zotabox


In the marketing category, yet another player shot for a three-figure increase in the number of satisfied customers and succeeded fully in this effort – Zotabox marketing tool suite draw the attention and loyalty of customers whose numbers increased by 218% over the past year. Just as these marketing tools boosted the numbers of social shares and subscribers for its users, their numbers have also grown in proportion with the effort the company put in designing this all-in-one tool for all of your online marketing needs. Zotabox promises to deliver an increased number of newsletter subscribers as well as larger social media following, without neglecting the customer service side of any business with its support for much simplified communication via Facebook and email.

Company: Zotabox
Founded: 2013
HQ: Hanoi, Vietnam
Number of Employees: 11-50

“We have very high customer satisfaction and great rankings with Shopify, Wordpress, Weebly etc. We focus on providing high quality, popular tools that every website needs like our popups, contact forms, live chat etc. Most companies give these tools little thought but we enable merchants to customize the style, color, position etc to match their website design. In 2018 we see e-commerce exploding on the international scene and for 1st time online merchants. We would like to be the go-to app to compliment and upgrade their website to fit their needs. We save merchants and web agencies 1,000's of dollars in development costs and give control back to the website owner to design popular must-have tools as they wish.”

Paul Evans, Zotabox CMO
Paul Evans, Zotabox CMO

Audio Video Media winner: Flowplayer


Audio Video Media category is ruled supreme by Flowplayer, as an online video platform that wants to redefine web video for its customers which, among others, it recruits among media companies. In the observed period, it increased its user base by significant 276% , leaving its competitors behind by a large margin. All of them recognized Flowplayer’s blend of customer-friendly interface, focus on user experience as well as superior performance in high-quality video playback on websites. To round things up, Flowplayer offered all of its benefits paired with excellent speed play and ad fill rates, making it a platform of choice for customers who look for a lightweight solution that will not act as a performance hog in the long run.

Company: Flowplayer
Founded: 2007
HQ: Stockholm Sweden
Number of Employees: 10-100

"We have focused on player speed and design for a long time to give the audience the best possible experience. This in combination with a developer-first approach with great APIs and possibilities to customize it has attracted a lot of people to use our product."
Emanuel Viklund, CEO Flowplayer
Emanuel Viklund, CEO Flowplayer

Ecommerce winner: Signifyd


Signifyd rocks the ecommerce category with its anti-fraud solution that constantly wins over new customers, whose numbers increased by fantastic 456% between 2017 and 2018. The reason for this is simple: e-commerce fraud remains a constant threat that siphons away billions of dollars from companies in form of chargebacks and unavoidable and often painfully slow investigations of problematic transactions. As a cure-all for these problems, Signifyd created its fraud protection cloud-based platform which performs automatic checkups of any placed order and informs its user whether to ship it or not. In this manner, the customers are left with zero fraud liability and the opportunity to do business without any risk that may hurt their revenues.

Company: Signifyd
Founded: 2011
HQ: San Jose, CA
Number of Employees: 101-250

“Fraud detection and prevention is a big and growing market for a reason,fraud is a serious concern for merchants, given that it directly affects their revenue. But an even bigger and more costly concern for merchants are transactions that are wrongly declined for fear of fraud. Those false declines are a $150 billion a year problem. With our recent Series D funding we will be able to scale up and accelerate our efforts to help enterprise and omnichannel retailers globally address both fraud and false declines. Those retailers in turn will be able to offer their customers a better commerce experience. Their orders won’t be delayed by manual fraud reviews and their legitimate orders won’t be declined.”
Stefan Nandzik, VP Marketing Signifyd
Stefan Nandzik, VP Marketing Signifyd 

Website security winner: Fireblade

(Fireblade was purchased by StackPath)

Just as ecommerce users want to avoid scams at all cost, there is an equally significant demand for better website security in the face of increasingly sophisticated cyber threats. Fireblade is an enterprise grade website security platform whose customer base increased by 134% last year. All of them can hardly be wrong in recognizing the Fireblade platform for its focus on pushing the envelope with cloud-based website security which is helped by intelligent analysis of users’ interaction with any of secured website’s assets. Once the relevant information on this are gathered, its engine uses big data analytics to determine the level of risk and separate regular users from those with harmful intentions.

Company: Fireblade (acquired by StackPath)
Founded: 2009
HQ: Tel Aviv, Israel
Number of Employees: 11-50 

Content management system winner: Highwinds


The content management system category may be a crowded place, but Highwinds managed to rise ahead of the competitors, with its customers’ number increasing by record breaking 398% last year. This solution operates as a content delivery network incorporating a range of solutions at the disposal of its customers. These include storage and analytical capabilities, content delivery and management, as well as cloud-based IP services. Highwinds’ network of data centers ensures high-performance of all of its features such as cloud storage, live streaming, site acceleration, colocation and others.

Company: Highwinds
Founded: 2002
HQ: Winter Park, FL
Number of Employees: 251-500