Whenever there's a relevant lead, will send it to your inbox.

Track your Competitor's Technology Customers in Real-time

One of the biggest challenges sales professionals face is guessing knowing the right time to strategically approach a new prospect or lead. Even when equipped with a good list of qualified leads it can be tricky to know the optimal time to reach out.

That's why we created 'SimilarTech Alerts', a feature which is designed to empower sales and marketing professionals get instant knowledge when a company starts using a specific technology or platform on their site.

This is a powerful tool which our customers use in 4 main tactical ways:

1. When a company stops using your competitor's technology there's a high chance it is because they're unhappy with it and might be looking for an alternative to fill the void...

2. When a website starts using a competing technology there is often a 'trial period' for a company to decide whether they're happy with the product and the service. Leveraging this knowledge can be useful to present an alternative solution.

3. Many technologies or platforms are inter-dependent. For example, a payment solution might be only compatible with online shops built with Shopify. Receiving an alert when a new qualified lead (based on traffic, geography and category) starts using Shopify will enable the provider of the payment solution find a hyper-targeted lead knowing that his solution will fit the prospect's platform.

4. With websites adding and removing platforms constantly, thanks to the explosion in technologies available, it can be really hard to keep up with the changes and even harder to connect with prospects that are highly relevant.

How does it work?

Setting up your alerts is as simple as it gets. Simply select the technology you'd like to track, the traffic range of the sites using this technology you're interested in and their geographic location and you're good to go!

tech alertWhat do I get?

When you set up your alerts you have 2 options:

- See the alerts on your SimilarTech Dashboard:

This is the best way to review all the alerts together in a list which will then enable you to get further insights on the selected companies within the dashboard. In addition of finding the sites using your chosen technologies you can quickly use SimilarTech's prospecting capabilities to assess whether they are relevant to your business or not.

dashboard- Get an email sent straight to your inbox:

Whenever there's a relevant lead, will send it to your inbox. What's more, if you set up a few alerts we will show all the results on a single email to avoid unnecessary clutter.

email alertTechnology Alerts are available to all SimilarTech users (Free & Premium) so there's no excuse not to try it out!