"At SimilarTech, we know that the data you have is never enough – you can always enrich, find new insights and, of course, greenfield opportunities."
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Customer Spotlight: Yotpo

How Yotpo is utilizing SimilarTech’s SIP to dig deeper on market reach and data insights

We hear the same story all the time: growth teams want to uncover new leads and break into untapped markets. They are led to believe that the best way to do this is by finding a database or list service that generates as much data as possible in order to find their perfect market fit, as well as new clients. As these marketing and sales teams adopt SimilarTech, however, they quickly realize that finding the perfect customer and understanding their market requires refined and actionable data, not a data dump.

Yotpo, the 2nd fastest growing tech company in Israel, with one of the hottest eCommerce products around, clearly understands growth and the power of data. They had already taken advantage of the offerings of other data providers before approaching SimilarTech. So when the Product Growth team at Yotpo reached out to us in late 2017, they came with a specific plan: they wanted to go beyond mere lists, and delve deeper to get real insights, and create a universal database; a rich and deep client pool their sales team could tap into to ensure sustained growth.


They approached SimilarTech with 2 main goals:

  1. Discover totally new leads
  2. Fully uncover their addressable market

The team at Yotpo jumped in by cross-referencing SimilarTech’s category
and traffic data to create a rich and ultra-refined lead list. According to
Amit Netzerel, Product Growth Manager at Yotpo:

“A lot of data sources can’t give you an exact eCommerce category, but with SimilarTech, combining eCommerce technology with the Shopping business category gave us a really good idea of what an eCommerce site actually is.”

As a result, Yotpo has been able to immediately meet their goals by expanding their product reach and uncovering additional market opportunities. With SimilarTech, Yotpo has been able to do something they couldn’t do anywhere else - generate lead lists for SMB and SME eCommerce sites that are solely focused on shopping.

The result: 200,000 new leads.

In addition to gaining insights they wouldn’t find anywhere else, Netzerel says:

“In terms of UX, SimilarTech is best in the market. It has the best user interface. It’s easy to use, so fast and report generation is super easy and clear.”

Now that Yotpo has achieved their main goals, they will use additional features in our Sales Insights Platform to go even deeper–segmenting by geolocation, shopping subcategories (like clothing, sports, and jewelry for example), and utilizing the SIPs prospects discovery tool to identify decision-makers.

Generating sales leads with SimilarTech

At SimilarTech, we know that the data you have is never enough – you can always enrich, find new insights and, of course, greenfield opportunities. For Yotpo, finding general lists of sites based on an eCommerce platform was an obvious step, but with SimilarTech, they have been able to uncover much greater value – a precise lead list that meets their exact needs. This is just the beginning of Yotpo’s relationship with SimilarTech, as the SIP platform will continue to be a driving force behind Yotpo's continued focus on enriched and expanded data. We at SimilarTech are excited to provide Yotpo with the edge they need to expand their already impressive growth in 2018 and beyond.

And we’ve got plenty of big data to go around. Our Sales Insights Platform is backed by our industry-leading engines that monitor the Internet in real time, analyzing over 300 million websites on a daily basis. 99.99% of active websites are reached and indexed in our database, adding to a trove of data to help any business grow. With our tools, such as detailed custom reporting and real-time alerts, you can excel in market research, prospect and lead generation, and master customer retention.

About Yotpo

Founded in 2011, Yotpo helps brands collect and leverage reviews and photos throughout the buyer journey to increase trust, social proof, and sales. Yotpo leverages partnerships with Google, Facebook, Instagram, and more to effectively improve results from every marketing channel. Yotpo allows users to convert visitors into buyers, while also offering a plethora of retention tools available in their system to keep customers coming back, and buying more. Yotpo currently has over 300 employees, offices in Tel Aviv, New York, London and Salt Lake City. The company has raised over $100M.