"Tech stacks reveal a clear view of where you stand in the competitive landscape." 

Your guide to the tech stacks dominating 2018

You’re set, you’ve got your groove on, and you’re ready to create a sales presentation that will deliver. There’s lots of data to sift through and anything short of turning it into actionable insights is a waste of potential. It’s as simple as that, which is why getting familiar with the tech stacks dominating your vertical is crucial to everything SaaS businesses do. Tech stacks reveal a clear view of where you stand in the competitive landscape, how your technology fits in the big picture, as well as give you a sense of how to break out by understanding what the current market focus. Additionally, you can add more value, be it through a more cost-efficient tech, a more encompassing solution, and so on.

Sadly, companies often focus on scaling a technology and spending precious time and resources on a strong build, completely disregarding the fact that there’s no market for their product. We’re never ones to put style over substance, so here is a breakdown of some of the hottest tech stacks that will dominate this year divided by verticals in alphabetical order, courtesy of SimilarTech’s SIP (Sales Insights Platform).

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Google is the undisputed champion when it comes to advertising to the Top 10K site on the Internet and tech stacks are no different. Out of the 642 total technologies the SIP tracks, the search engine giant has 4 of the 8 most popular tech stacks with DoubleClick and AdSense counting for two-thirds of advertising technologies found on the top 10K websites. Google Publisher Tag and AdWords round off the search engine giant’s top performers, while AppNexus managed to squeeze in between, followed by Facebook Custom Audiences, OpenX, and other closely knit together.

Top Advertising Technologies SimilarTech


With 283 technologies in play, Google is once more in the leading position with Google Analytics holding close to 66% of the market share regarding the Top 10K websites. Facebook Domain Insights is at the second place, featured on every fourth website in this range, while comScore ScorecardResearch and New Relic are the only other technologies with a double-digit market share (13% and 10.2%, respectively) with the rest more evenly divided.

Top Analytics Technologies SimilarTech


In a highly competitive market such as marketing, it’s not surprising to see close margins between the leading techs. Out of almost 100 technologies, Adobe Marketing Cloud has a seemingly small lead over Marketo as the two top marketing technologies for Top 10K websites. The rest - Pardot, LiveRamp, TowerData, HubSpot, and others fail to break the 1% mark which isn’t that much surprising considering this is still a growing market.

Top Marketing Technologies SimilarTech


In the server category, nginx is firmly at the top with a 42% presence on Top 10K sites. Apache and PHP are in a close battle for the second place, with the former gaining a 1% lead. It’s also worth mentioning that Amazon has two separate technologies in the top 8, with a combined 24.3% market share. In total, almost 200 technologies are found on 213+ million websites, making for one of the most diverse markets.

Top Server Technologies SimilarTech


When it comes to tracking technologies, things are very interesting: 124 technologies and more than 315,000 websites across the world wide web take place in a neck and neck battle for the top spot, currently reserved for Rocket Fuel, barely edging out Maxymiser as the top tracker technology for Top 10K websites. A quick glance at the image below shows just how even the market is and as such, susceptible to change.

Top Tracker Technologies SimilarTech

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There you have it. In the competitive SaaS landscape, there’s too much to do without the help of a comprehensive tool. Basically, your guide to tech stacks dominating 2018 is a platform that will grant you a thorough understanding of whom you’re up against with your product or service, as well as help map out the companies that closely portray ideal customers and identify different criteria to do so. Those are the things that truly matter, as opposed to matters such as technical purity and optimization which can always be achieved at a later stage when your company gets a stronger footing.

Effectively leveraging available technology means driving a change in the company’s culture toward modern needs and demands. In that regard, SimilarTech’s Sales Insights Platform gives you the opportunity to compete and empowers you to lead your business to stardom. This guide is just a small taste of what it can do, including detailed reporting with a wide array of targeting options and actionable insights that go from tech adoption history to correlating technologies and everything in between. One of the pro features that is particularly interesting is creating customizable, real-time alerts that notify you when any company adds or removes a certain technology. This will keep you in the loop regarding market fluctuations and help uncover leads and prospects in verticals you haven’t tapped into (not to mention haven’t even considered).

With the right tools at your disposal, you can create a sales strategy that constantly enhances, generating leads while enabling fewer of them to slip under the radar. As businesses become increasingly digitized, business leaders need to understand how changes in today’s tech allow them to adopt a strategic thinking that can seamlessly integrate its potential. It’s the last piece of the puzzle that will help you step up your sales game.

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