When support for Magento1 ends, will you be ready?

Magento1, the eCommerce software and platform whose clients include media giants like NYTimes.com and TimeOut.com as well as eCommerce players like Zulily.com, is hitting its end of life. So mark your calendars, as of November 2018 Magento will no longer provide support for eCommerce merchants using its version 1.x platforms. No more security updates means sites will have to transition to Magento2 or find a new platform to support all their eCommerce needs.

Doing a SimilarTech search, we can see that 356,973 sites will be affected.

SimilarTech searchSo what will happen come November?

Developers will have to pick a new platform. And though Magento does lead the pack, there’s a lot of competition for developers to pick from.

Here’s the landscape:

Top ECommerce PlatformsWill the end of Magento1 leave room for other players, or will Magento2- by far the market underdog- dominate the market? We’ll be keeping an eye on developing trends as the deadline looms nearer.
Stay tuned.