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What An Optimal Sales Performance Report Should Include

Confusing and overly complex reports are a sore (but essential) sight for people in sales. The long-term health of your sales pipeline, the number...

5 must-have attributes for sales management leaders

The inevitable change in buyer behavior due to an increased level of technical acuity and digital engagement has bred a new type of sales...

5 steps to sell your solution to a new vertical

Branching out to new verticals is particularly tricky for small and medium businesses. With limited resources, you risk shifting focus away from...

How To Shorten Your Startup's Sales Cycle With Actionable Data

A long sales cycle is like a three-hour artsy movie that you’ve heard your friends rave about. At moments, it’s hard to watch, boring, and sucking...

Integrate your SimilarTech account with Salesforce

We help businesses around the world find and qualify thousands of leads every day. However, once you identify a list of relevant companies to...

10 Moments that Define a Salesperson, by Jay Z

1. When you see a competitor at an event.

2. When you entertain clients on expenses account.

3. When you try to keep your cool after losing a deal.

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