“We wanted to enable our users to have access to SimilarTech insights whenever they browse the web.”

Prospect Any Business as You Browse the Web

Finding new opportunities and business growth isn’t something you can simply do by allocating a specific time slot within your work week. New opportunities, potential leads and interesting partnerships can happen anywhere – at an event, a family dinner or as you browse the web.

While the SimiarTech platform is the best tool to explore, collate and organize new business prospects we wanted to enable our users to have access to SimilarTech insights whenever they browse the web.

That’s why we created the SimilarTech Prospecting Chrome Extension, which is designed to show you data on any site while browsing the web.

When clicking on the SimilarTech icon on your browser, a tab will open on the right side of your screen giving you a useful snapshot of insights about the site you’re visiting which includes:

1. Website Information:

  • Web Traffic: How many visitors the site had in the last month
  • Traffic Sources: A breakdown of the traffic sources (i.e. search, social, email)
  • Geography: The country where the biggest portion of visits come from.
  • Tech Expense: an indicator of spend on paid tech platforms.

Website Information2. Company Information:

  • Background: company description
  • Financials: funding and revenues
  • Headcount: number of employees
  • Contact Details: location and


  • Social Media: link to social profiles

Company Information3. Technology Stack:

Here you’ll see the full list of the technologies that are used to power the site you’re visiting – from analytics, to payment or advertising. This is an invaluable source of knowledge to see a site is using a competitor’s product or if they have a sales stack which is compatible with your product.

Technology Stack

Check it out and let us know if you have any comments or feedback – we’re always adding new features and improving existing ones!