“PAGES gives you the ability to drill down into the specific pages on those sites which have the technologies present.”

Introducing PAGES: find page-level tech insights on any site

We’re welcoming 2017 with a new major feature for all SimilarTech users. From today, you will be able to get page-level insights when researching tech usage on any site. These insights will be available to all SimilarTech users.

PAGES gives you the ability to drill down into the specific pages on those sites which have the technologies present. This feature, like many others, is the result from user feedback, who needed specific detail on the pages in which the technologies researched are present.

How can I use PAGES?

This page-level data can be used in multiple ways, but it was created to help our users prospecting and qualifying leads more efficiently.

1. Improved prospecting:

You can now see see how technology is used ‘in-situ’. Some technologies, such as social widgets, payment technologies and content recommendation engines are shown on specific pages or folders.

Having this knowledge, will help you prospecting clients by understanding how or where your technology could fit on the site of a company you’d like to approach. You are now able to see a list of links with the pages in which the technologies you're researching are currently used.

2. Understand relevancy:

By knowing how many pages within a site use a specific technology, you can assess its level of importance or prominence. This is crucial to understanding it's relevancy for a website and therefore company. Some sites use a specific technology in a very limited way while others might have it present on every page, meaning that it's a core asset for their online operations.

This is key to analyzing, scoping and assessing the reach of specific technologies on a site's ecosystem.

Where will I see this data?

From your SimilarTech dashboard, you will see an additional column across all your reports. Here, there will be a number between 1 and 100 (we take a sample of 100 pages for every site), indicating how many pages we have identified with the chosen technology.

This new insights will automatically appear on all your existing reports, enriching your current prospect lists from the get-go.

What does it look like?

Next time you go to a report within your dashboard, you will see a new column titles 'PAGES', showing a number between 1 and 100. This gives you an instant snapshot to decide which leads you'd like to investigate further (see image below).

Account DashboardWhen you click on a list, on the right side of the page you'll see the same bar with the full tech stack in the same way that it appeared before. However, next to each technology, you will see now in addition the number of pages using each technology (example below).

DashboardFinally, if you want to drill down further and understand the placement of the technology within a site you can simply click on the pages number and a pop-up with the list of relevant links will appear - you can go to them directly but it's also helpful to read the URLs to visualize the key folders, sections of pages of the site in which the technology you're researching is used.

visualize the key foldersEnjoy this new data and we hope it helps your business grow and succeed in 2017!

If you have any questions about it, suggestions, feedback or would like a personal demo from a product consultant, get in touch - we'd love to have a chat.