"Oyst has added 10x more merchants and 25x more users, (a total of 540 new clients and 40,000 new users, for a total for 200,000 users). "

How Oyst grew by 65% in 6 months with SimilarTech

Last May, Oyst was a different company. They had created a seamless eCommerce payment solution which allows vendors to offer a 1-click checkout and shipping solution for their clients, but were struggling to find the right customers. Head of B2B Marketing, Martin Vermorel, decided SimilarTech could offer a solution. Since Oyst was focused on French eCommerce SMEs with 50K-500K unique visitors per month, SimilarTech’s Technology Report was the perfect tool.

The sales team started by running technology reports for sites using eCommerce platforms like PrestaShop, Magento, and WooCommerce. They then broadened their scope to include the Euro, UTF-8 reports, and custom built eCommerce platforms. The reports gave them a list of 5K qualified leads. Oyst also created alerts to track when French sites added an eCommerce platform and via Slack and Zapier. 

Oyst’s use of daily alerts for new sites that enter their prospecting focus and the platform’s website analysis feature gives them insights they can’t get anywhere else: Oyst’s sales team can see technology adoption history, and an entire list of all technologies being used by that company which give them deep insights for how to approach these leads, and keeps the team aware of real-time changes in their competitive landscape. Daily updates also ensure that their entire sales team can respond quickly to new information and close more deals.

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About Oyst

French eCommerce payment provider Oyst offers 1-click purchasing. Users enter their name, credit card info and shipping details once, and the by clicking the Oyst button, every future purchase is handled on web or mobile. Oyst guarantees 2x conversion on desktop and 5x on mobile. The company has developed its own technology called Everkey© Data Intelligence Authentication Stream, guaranteeing users’ information remains secure.

Six months later, Oyst is used in nearly every SME eCommerce site in France and according to Mr. Martin Vermorel “thanks to SimilarTech, we have a huge database which our sales people can work from. We have every contact they need- now it’s time to evangelize the market. We have focused on all small and medium sites- now we are looking to grow into higher traffic sites, with SimilarTech it’s easy to expand to new markets.” Oyst has added 10x more merchants and 25x more users, (a total of 540 new clients and 40,000 new users, for a total for 200,000 users). Additionally, Oyst has added 10 sales people- just for French clients.

SimilarTech is proud to have been a part of this massive growth in such a short period of time and we are looking forward to see what’s next for Oyst in 2018. If you want to hear about more success stories on the SimilarTech platform, contact our team.