“We pushed ourselves to the limit by creating a platform which lets you to generate and download your list of leads in under a minute.”

Generate a List of Leads in Under 60 Seconds

One of the main ways in which sales and marketing professionals use SimilarTech is to generate lists of potential customers by using our powerful data in combination with our segmentation capabilities which are designed to help you segment by technology usage, location, web traffic and more.

Our priority when creating our lead generation tool was to make it as easy and fast as possible. We pushed ourselves to the limit by creating a platform which lets you to generate and download your list of leads in under a minute.

1. Choose a technology to begin with

The first step is to select one web-based technology. An obvious starting point is selecting either a competitor’s technology or a technology that is compatible/relevant to your business. I’ll choose Disqus, the popular commenting platforms used by many publishers as an example.**


2. Select report size & targeting options.

Now you can select the maximum size of your report in terms of results (sites that fit your criteria). These will be automatically sorted by web traffic, prioritizing the ones with most monthly visits.

The targeting options will help you filter down by geography and category.

For example I want my Disqus report to be under 500 results and I’ve chosen to discover sites that are in the News & Media category with most of their traffic coming from the United States.

report size3. Drill down with advanced targeting.

Here you can go into more detail segmentation by choosing only sites that have a specific volume of web traffic, have the technology you selected present in a minimum % of pages within their site or that include/exclude other technologies.

For my example, I’m interested in sites with at least 1 million monthly visits and that are not currently using Google Adsense.

advanced targeting

4. Click "GET REPORT"

That’s all, now your report will be generated at the click of a button!

get report

5. Your report is ready!

In your Dashboard now you’ll be able to see your report, which in my case includes 143 sites that matched my criteria. You’ll get a snapshot of what other technologies are popular among your list as well as a breakdown by traffic.

In my case, I can see that Taboola and Outbrain are technologies commonly used among these sites and that there are 22 leads of sites which have over 10 million visits per month. Great insights to help prospecting, prioritize outreach activity, gain further understanding on my leads and get ideas for other ways to segment data in future reports.

similartech report6. Find and explore your new leads

As I scroll down, I have now access to my full list of leads which I can either download the full list as an Excel file or explore the results within the SimilarTech platform. This will enable you to get more info on each site/prospect by clicking over it – giving you detailed info on their company including their web traffic, contact details and their technology stack.

find leadsYou can now grow your business, prospect your leads and discover new opportunities faster than ever before – outsmarting your competition with SimilarTech insights.

We’re always improving our platform to make your discovery better and easier. If you have any questions, feedback or ideas get in touch or leave a comment. We’d love to hear from you!