Find which technologies were added or removed to/from any site.

With a quick search on SimilarTech you can immediately see the technology stack that powers any website. This is used by thousands of businesses every day to discover new leads based on the compatibility with a site’s technology stack. In addition, it helps marketers and analysts keeping an eye on which technologies are used on your competitor sites as well as industry trends.

From today, we’ll let you see the HISTORY for the sites you analyze. In essence, you’ll be able to view which technologies have been recently added or removed. After searching for a site you’ll see ‘Recent Technology Changes’ with a timeline that includes icons for the latest technologies added and removed by the site owners.

Beyonce.comIf the site you’re researching is a competing site or a prospect you’d like to understand better, you can get further data in two different ways:

1. Track Changes: this will add the site to your dashboard to receive ‘Website Alerts’ so you’re always first to know what additional changes take place in the future without having to visit SimilarTech frequently to stay on top.

2. See Full History: this will pull the technology activity we’ve monitored over the past 24 months for the website you’re analyzing. With these in-depth insights you will be able to gain full understanding into the website’s growth and journey.

This is an exciting addition to our suite of solutions, giving all our free and premium users the visibility they need so they don’t only understand the existing technology stack of any site but also the path towards its current status.

The data is designed to give our users an unprecedented understanding into the past, present and future of how technologies are used by prospects and competitors alike.

Try it out and get in touch with any feedback or suggestions, we’d love to hear from you!