“SimilarTech insights are at the heart of Zalus sale's pipeline, providing them with new lists of potential customers.”

Customer Spotlight: Zalus Digital

Zalus Digital is a full service email marketing agency, with over 50 clients across Australia and New Zealand, from multiple industries, allowing them to acquire, grow and nurture prospects and customers. Zalus ultimate goal is to help your business drive revenue through powerful email marketing campaigns and automated programs.

SimilarTech insights are at the heart of Zalus sale's pipeline, providing them with new lists of potential customers in Australia and New Zeland which might be using a competing email platform that could be either looking for an upgrade or that could benefit from the consulting and email management services that Zalus offer.

zalus digitalCompetitive intel can be hard to come by for technology-led agencies like Zalus. SimilarTech equipped their team with full visibility on their competitive landscape - firstly, to help them discover which brands and publishers in the region use competitive alternatives and secondly, to help them to target potential customers based on a determined technology footprint such as using a specific ecommerce or marketing automation platform.

To keep a healthy sales pipeline, Zalus distributes among sales and bizdev teams the initial SimilarTech reports which include lists of sites using competitor technologies in the region. With this list of prospects, a sales executives and business development managers would build a bespoke presentation for each relevant lead - with a set of recommendations which also benefits from knowing the full technology stack of the lead from the get go, enabling them to offer more powerful and targeted proposals and sales pitches.

SimilarTech is a big part of Zalus prospecting efforts, with 90% of new leads over the past year coming via SimilarTech insights. In addition, it's helping them optimize their prospecting efforts with tools such as the SimilarTech addon, which helps them gather business and technology insights on any company as they browse through new prospect sites.

There are as many ways to use SimilarTech's tools and data as there are companies but Zalus has exemplary leveraged targeted data, competitor insights, browser capabilities and contact information to the fullest - combining SimilarTech tools with others such as LinkedIn's Sales Navigator to nurture their business growth.