“Without SimilarTech I don’t know how we could have gained any traction. It had a massive impact.

Customer Spotlight: Whisbi

An early SimilarTech adopter, our relationship with Whisbi began back in 2014. Before we launched our SIP, before customers could track company data, and before our customers could integrate with Hubspot and SalesForce. According to Torquil Thomson, Director of Sales and Marketing Operations, “when we started using [SimilarTech] three years ago, we had just started using SalesForce as a CRM, and we needed to grow our target base quickly and efficiently. We were exploring different verticals. Because SimilarTech’s tool has always given us the option of filtering by web visits, it was something that was immediately attractive. Having this tool has been the best fit by far.” As SimilarTech’s platform expanded, so did Whisbi’s sales. “First thing I used SimilarTech was for tracking different technologies... and then you added on more company-related information, this added a different dynamic to the tool. I can search for contacts as well.” Using tools like company filters by geos and targeted verticals, Whisbi created a highly qualified 40,000 lead list for Europe and North America.

Today Whisbi is the global #1 provider of a mobile-first conversational commerce platform that combines live video, chat, voice and chatbot functionalities to increase sales conversion and boost live engagement. Their conversational commerce solution drives personalized interactions and improves customer engagement. Whisbi’s technology enables brands to connect with their online audience in real-time and defies traditional marketing limitations, giving brands the capability to reach online audiences at scale.

Whisbi is an all-in-one, software-as-a-service that gives marketers the opportunity to add a layer of interactivity and personalization to their websites and online marketing campaigns while enabling sales and ecommerce executives to increase conversion rates quicker and more efficiently than ever before. Whisbi reduces the complexity of omni-channel marketing and enables exceptional experiences for customers across the entire buyer journey.

WhisbiLive video chat is a burgeoning technology that’s been quickly adopted in the automotive, finance, retail, e-commerce, and telecommunication businesses. SimilarTech has helped Whisbi grow from a 2 member sales and marketing team to over 20 in less than 3 years.

There are many ways to use SimilarTech's SIP but Whisbi has had incredible success tracking technologies to expand across different verticals. They’ve leveraged company data, correlated technology searches, and our SalesForce integration to the fullest- fostering massive business growth. As Torquil went on to explain, SimilarTech has been truly vital for Whisbi “to understand where the opportunities are.”

“without SimilarTech I don’t know how we could have gained any traction. It had a massive impact”, Torquil went on to say.

We can’t wait to see what’s next for Whisbi and look forward to helping them expand into new verticals with the latest updates to our SIP.