By identifying and prioritizing prospects using SimilarTech's data, StreamRail's sales pipeline bloomed, with over 70% of all new leads coming from the platform.”

Customer Spotlight: StreamRail

StreamRail is a video advertising technology platform, which provides over 200K publishers and advertising networks with the technology to deliver and monetize video on any device. The company was recently acquired by ironSource, giving customers greater access to premium supply and demand.

One of the key challenges that StremRail was facing when it was founded in 2014, was the ability to identify potential customers - something which most technology-driven platform face. They created a powerful solution for publishers looking to optimize the monetization of their video content and for ad networks that focused on video advertising.

StreamRailFrom day one, SimilarTech became the backbone of StreamRail's lead-gen and sales pipeline, enabling the company to discover and target relevant publishers based on the type of CDN, ad servers and video players they were using.

StreamRail's Sales and Operations were able to discover and segments every publisher in the web by traffic and tech stack. This enabled them to strategically plan their outbound efforts, initially try their technology with smaller customers willing to try their pioneering technology and then strategically move on to some of the biggest publishers and ad networks in the web once their technology and team were ready to support major accounts.

The insights gathered from SimilarTech where enriched with additional sources of knowledge, including LinkedIn and Crunchbase insights - which in combination gave them all the necessary ammunition to nurture and maintain their sales pipeline.

The StraemRail team built a close relationship with SimilarTech's development team which added new competitor technologies which were valuable to enhance StremRail's research efforts. In addition, a 'Video Player' category was added to the SimilarTech platform to help other players in the industry discover and qualify leads within this thriving industry.

By identifying and prioritizing prospects using SimilarTech's data, StreamRail's sales pipeline bloomed, with over 70% of all new leads coming from the platform.

SimilarTech saved StreamRail's sales teams hundreds of research hours, quickly becoming their 'go-to' tool to understand the full technology stack of a potential client before a sales pitch. What's more, using the SimilarTech addon helps their sales and bizdev teams instantly qualify or dismiss new prospects - without wasting valuable time and resources on companies that don't have the scale or potential to become customers.

The intelligent use of SimilarTech's segmentation capabilities - combining the use of multiple technologies alongside traffic data, and enriching the findings with additional sources of knowledge about prospects, plays a key role in StreamRail's growth.

We look forward to following their continued growth and success as they develop and expand their technology under their new roof as part of adtech giant ironSource.