Customer Spotlight: Peer5

“SimilarTech insights and filtering by tech stack and web traffic has become the backbone of Peer5’s outbound sales and prospecting efforts.”

Customer Spotlight: Peer5

Peer5 is a serverless CDN for massively-scaled video streaming, providing a TV-grade broadcasting solution for the Internet. The company’s innovative technology turns peak demand issues into an advantage. By increasing content providers' streaming capacity, Peer5 is ensuring perfect video playback for millions of viewers daily.

The Challenge:

As with many tech startups that have developed a solution that has the potential to be used by a large global client base, one of the main challenges they were facing was for the team to decide how and where to start approaching leads in the most efficient and effective way without wasting time trying to reach out irrelevant prospects.

Peer5Another initial challenge was to discover and locate their target customers - companies which broadcast and stream content to a high volume of viewers across the world. All of them could benefit from Peer5’s technology, but how could Peer5 find and assess the relevancy of new prospects in the most efficient and effective way?

How Peer5 leveraged SimilarTech insights:

Using SimilarTech technology stack filtering as the starting point to segment their target customer base, Peer5 was able to discover opportunities around the world by finding highly targeted leads and objectively discern compatibility. In addition, Peer5 was able to ask for SimilarTech to include new key technologies that would help them find more relevant prospects.

How Peer5 leveraged SimilarTech insightsThis new approach to finding new prospects based on relevancy empowered them to:

1. Improve performance: save time + money by targeting and approaching only relevant prospects.

2. Gain insights: with a better understanding of the market size of their potential customer base.

3. Increase revenue: by improving ROI of the sales team, adopting a bespoke outbound approach, connecting with companies based on technological compatibility and need.

The Results:

While it was easier for Peer5 to find out which are the main broadcasters that could benefit from their services, SimilarTech’s ability to generate reports that prospected the leads based on their tech stack and and their web traffic resulted in finding a much wider range of potential clients located around the world - from Finland to Japan.

SimilarTech insights and filtering by tech stack + web traffic has become the backbone of Peer5’s outbound sales and prospecting efforts - becoming the #1 source of new leads for the business throughout 2016.