“Spend time building, not billing.”

Customer Spotlight: Paddle

Paddle is a checkout, eCommerce, marketing and analytics platform for Software developers. This British fast-growing startup is on a mission is to make selling software easy; allowing developers to focus on building products they love. Paddle's superior platform and amazing team have experienced meteoric growth since they launched in 2014, tripling the size of their team from 10 to 30 people in 2016.

PaddleOutbound sales is at the core of Paddle's business operation. Their team of SDRs are always active in looking for growth opportunities - supplying their sales team with qualified leads based on their tech stack compatibility, geographic location and web traffic. To be able to find and prospect new leads efficiently, they use SimilarTech as the 'go-to' tool for SDRs. Before being handed to Account Executives, Paddle's SDRs generate lists of sites that fit the right criteria and simply export the CSVs to an internal tool they've built for their sales team to add additional information gathered via desk research.

Using SimilarTech technology to generate highly-targeted lists of prospects, meant that account executives didn't waste time and energy knocking on the wrong doors. This increased efficiency to identify relevant businesses pays off, with an outstanding 30% reply rate from new prospects generated via SimilarTech.

Paddle is a software platform designed to complement other software-led businesses, that's why SimilarTech has become an essential tool for their marketing and sales team to understand the competitive landscape, qualify prospect and ultimately discover new leads. It helped them generate tens of millions worth of new business, and in addition empowers every account executive the knowledge to approach new clients with in-depth knowledge on their technology stack and digital footprint.

We look forward to witnessing Paddle's continued success in 2017, as they move into bigger offices to keep growing and building!