Connecting with Prospects that Matter

One of the main challenges that sales and business development professionals face today is finding the right lead with an organization. Approaching a random employee or emailing a generic email address isn’t only a waste of time and energy but also frustrating for everyone.

At SimilarTech, we’re on a mission to empower our customers to connect with the people that matter, with the technology, the data and the tools to do so in the most efficient and effective way.

Building and managing your list of leads with SimilarTech is the fastest way to discover potential leads based on the technology use, web traffic, and geography. Once you have identified new potential companies to approach, you can drill down on the companies that interest you and find the relevant employee to connect with.

1.Select any company inside one of your SimilarTech Reports.

SimilarTech Reports2.On the right side you’ll see further information on the selected company. Click on the ‘PEOPLE’ tab where you’ll also see the business profiles of the employees we’ve identified within the company.

Here you can also narrow your lead search by:

  • Management Level
  • Department
  • Title
  • Location

narrow lead search3.Click on find people and you’ll discover the professional profiles that match your search. All you have to do now is have a quick glance at the professional profile/s you’d like to connect with and click on the ‘add’ button.

people result4.Your list of leads and their contact details are ready and waiting for you on your SimilarTech platform!

sucess.jpgSounds too good to be true? Try it out for yourself and let us know what you think! Some of our users have experienced a 25% uplift in sales using SimilarTech. We’d love to hear your feedback, suggestions and success stories - contact us.