You don’t have to make any more blind decisions when it comes to comparing technology usage across the web.

Compare Competing Technologies with One Click

Most of us have sat through software platform presentations and demos with sweet-talking salespeople trying to convince us to purchase or subscribe to their service. Whether is an ecommerce platform, a payment platform on an advertising solution, it is very hard to gage and understand their popularity and relevancy when all you have is a pushy salesman at the other end of the line showing you their technology as the solution that will solve all your problems and drive your business forward…

wolf of wall streetSimilarTech plays a key role for thousands of decision-makers every day that need to carefully compare and assess technologies to inform their decisions and make the right call based on usage data which can have an enormous impact down the line… is a technology popular in my country? Would this have an impact on the level of support? Are my competitors also using the same technology? Are there other alternatives that should be investigated? Is a technology compatible with others? What’s the industry standard?

“it can be hard to understand a new platform when all you have is a pushy salesman at the other end of the line showing you product as the ultimate solution to all your problems…”

A good (and completely free!) way to gain a better understanding on competing technology platforms is with SimilarTech compare feature. In one click you’ll get a clearer picture that will help you assess the different opportunities with richer context that will help you make better decisions.

How to compare tech usage with SimilarTech:

Let’s say I’m an online vendor looking for a Marketing Automation platform. Two of the biggest players in the industry are Marketo and HubSpot, both of them offering polished sales pitches that make me feel like the second I integrate them customers will pour in at the click of a button. But how do I know which one fits my business size? How do I know which one is my competition using?
Simply start by searching for a technology from the top search box:

marketoWhen I land on Marketo’s results page there’s a ton of useful information including the amount of domains using it, its geographic distribution, related technologies (really helpful to find alternative suppliers) and the top websites using Marketo on the web based on their traffic volume. To compare Marketo’s usage simply click on the ‘compare’ button shown.

marketo market shareThe comparison pop up will appear and you simply need to enter the name of the other technology you’d like to compare. Alternatively, you can select from the drop-down menu which will show you similar / relevant technologies for the comparison.

marketo compareThe first thing you’ll see is a comparison of how many sites are using each platform. If you look at the trend graph, you can also see their growth (or decline) over the past few months – if it’s a declining technology, there might be a better competitor out there!

marketo vs hubspotThe next section show you the market share of each technology among the web. It’s a good way to assess if the technology is more popular among bigger or smaller sites. With our current example, we can see that although HubSpot is used by more sites across the web, Marketo’s popularity among the biggest 100k sites on the web is higher – a sign that they might be more suitable for larger sites.

marketo vs hubspot market shareThe next section showcases which technology is stronger by category, a good indicator to find out if your peers favor certain technology over the other.

marketo vs hubspot websites categoriesFinally, you’ll be able to see the geographic breakdown with a color-coded world map showing the leading technology for each country across the web.

marketo vs hubspot geographyRemember that if you want to see which technologies your competitors’ sites are using, you can also do a website search from the homepage and when you need to get a sense of an entire category, you can also search for this and compare the market reach of all technologies from a specific category. In this case, ‘Marketing Automation’.

marketing automationSo that’s it, just like magic! You don’t have to make any more blind decisions when it comes to comparing technology usage across the web.

Harry porterIf you have any feedback or suggestions to improve our comparison feature, we’d love to hear from you! We are constantly adding new technologies and features to help you gather the best tech-related data on the web.