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Keren Rosenfeld

Keren Rosenfeld

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How To Ensure You Have A Product Market Fit For Initial Startup Sales

It’s no secret that startups need a solid foundation in the form of a product market fit (PMF) before advancing and scaling their business. This...

Sales Quota: How to Crush Your Monthly Goals

Reaching your sales quota is consistently what matters most in B2B sales. As a sales manager, you are measured by it, which is why you must do...

How To Shorten Your Startup's Sales Cycle With Actionable Data

A long sales cycle is like a three-hour artsy movie that you’ve heard your friends rave about. At moments, it’s hard to watch, boring, and sucking...

5 reasons why finding a Sales Qualified Lead is just like getting a date

1. You have to stake out your territory

First things first, you need to know who you are targeting. It's a numbers game, filling your pipeline...

When support for Magento1 ends, will you be ready?

Magento1, the eCommerce software and platform whose clients include media giants like and as well as eCommerce players...

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